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12 Vegan Makeup Brushes You Need To Have!

06 Oct 2015

If there’s one secret every professional makeup artist knows, it’s that if you want perfectly applied makeup, you need the right tools for the job.

If you want your brushes to be cruelty free and animal friendly, you don't have to worry about having your brushes be nasty, scratchy things anymore. It's all about luxe synthetic materials that are soft on your face and sleek in their application.

Whether you’re starting your eco-friendly/vegan makeup kit, or looking to add a few new pieces, here are brushes Antonym Cosmetics that’ll have you contoured, blushed and bronzed like the socialite you are! 

12 Vegan Makeup Brushes from Antonym Cosmetics


Antonym Cosmetics ensures their brushes are gentle on the skin and precise in makeup application – guaranteeing that your skin will look and feel it’s best. Their brushes are made of sustainable bamboo and top quality synthetic bristles. Each brush has a classic, luxurious look & feel – adding a fresh and eco-luxe look to your makeup kit.

With over 21 brushes, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you need.


1 – Kabuki Brush >

2 – Foundation Brush >

3 – Concealer Brush >

4 – Medium Long Eye Shader Brush >

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