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The organic beauty secret beloved by Parisian women in the 1920’s - Patyka

Certified organic skin care because uncompromising organic and natural cosmetics is Patyka’s vision of beauty.

A genius Parisian apothecary created an elixir containing essential and plant oils which quickly became the beauty secret beloved by Parisian women in the 1920’s. Rebranded as Patyka, these exceptional products with their unique, sensory scents and textures are elegant and refined, bringing the luxury of a radiant, balanced complexion to those who use them. This luscious line of skin care works with the best producers to harvest botanical actives of the highest quality and with French artisans and manufacturers to develop the most enticing scents and most innovative packaging.

Patyka does not test on animals and almost every product is 100% vegan, except the Sacred Lotus Face Cream and the Antioxidant Smoothing Cream Universal Texture, which contain beeswax. This is because they believe that their priority should be to look after your health and the environment. And we at Socialite love that!

Natural is chic, effectiveness is glamorous and cosmetics are organic!



Three exfoliating actives combine in one product which refines skin texture, smooths wrinkles and brightens the complexion. Over time, cellular renewal slows down, skin texture becomes uneven and skin can sag, wrinkle and dullen. Double Action Smoothing Scrub stimulates cellular renewal and makes skin more supple and radiant, combining smoothing, anti-ageing, exfoliating and softening properties in one product. Its creamy texture offers the comfort of a mask and the gentle exfoliation of a scrub to refine skin texture, brighten the complexion, blur any pigmentation issues and visibly smooth wrinkles. 

  • Jojoba wax microspheres: Exfoliate and get rid of dead cells while strengthening skin.
  • Natural complex of five fruit acids (AHAs): Provides a gentle peeling effect which stimulates cellular renewal and refines skin texture.
  • Bamboo powder: Blurs imperfections and leaves skin perfectly smooth.
  • Jojoba oil: Creates a non-greasy protective film which regenerates and revitalises skin. 

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Specially formulated for dry, uncomfortable skin, this alcohol-free toning lotion softens and improves skin texture. The complexion is brightened and the skin, hydrated. The Damask Rose Toning Lotion represents the final stage of the make-up removal and skin cleansing process. It stimulates microcirculation, brightens the complexion and leaves skin feeling wonderfully comfortable. Enriched with prebiotics, it strengthens the hydrolipidic film and limits skin dehydration. The skin is left feeling fresh, comfortable, soft, smooth and supple, and the complexion, beautifully radiant.

  • Damask rose hydrolat: Rich in antioxidants, this active soothes, tones and prevents premature skin ageing. It refines skin texture, brightening and restoring the complexion.
  • Biosaccharide Gum-1: These prebiotics calm irritation and provide the skin with instant hydration, acting like a splash of water. They protect the hydrolipidic film and are particularly recommended for dry, fragile skins. 

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Citrusy and zesty Divine Neroli Body Wash leaves skin delicately scented and soothes body and soul. Imagine yourself shaded by a Moroccan riad and astonished by the exhilarating port of Tangier. Divine Neroli Body Wash is a foaming gel enriched with botanical extracts which look after your skin. Its beautiful softness delicately cleanses skin without drying it out. The skin is left clean, soft, satiny and subtly scented.

  • Gentle cleansing complex: Obtained from coconut and used as a naturally gentle cleansing base.
  • Raspberry cellular water: Rich in Vitamin E, protects skin from ageing with its ability to regenerate and repair.. 

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