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Find top-rated conditioner for straight or curly hair, including natural and sulfate-free conditioners from top brands.

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Graydon Skincare
$25.00 CAD
1 review
$25.00 CAD
A hair conditioner for sensitive scalps. This 3-in-1 daily hair conditioner detangles and conditions your hair, while soothing even the most sensitive scalps. Bursting with...
Strengthening Conditioner
Consonant Skincare
Sold Out
A 100% natural conditioner to make hair strong and healthy. This deep conditioning formula locks in moisture for better elasticity, strength, and visible shine. It's made...
Innersense Organic Beauty
$12.00 CAD - $102.00 CAD
The clear way to achieve calmer hair and scalp. Innersense’s clean, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free conditioner softens hairs while soothing the scalp. Best for all hair types...