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Facial serums target skin concerns like aging, acne, dark spots and visible pores.

Holi (Oil) Refining Ageless Face Serum Agent Nateur Holi (Oil) Refining Ageless Face Serum at Socialite Beauty Canada
14 reviews
Agent Nateur
$78.00 CAD - $169.00 CAD
14 reviews
$78.00 CAD - $169.00 CAD
Revive your complexion with holi (oil). Agent Nateur products are Ecocert organic certified and compatible with even the most sensitive skin. For all skin types...
REN Clean Skincare
$94.00 CAD
A youth concentrated nourishing oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin looking younger and smoother. A nourishing evening oil proven...
BYBI Beauty Booster Barrel at Socialite Beauty Canada BYBI Beauty Booster Barrel at Socialite Beauty Canada
BYBI Beauty
$29.99 CAD $58.00 CAD
$29.99 CAD $58.00 CAD
This barrel gift set is perfect for all seasons, beauty junkies and all skin feels. BYBI boosters enhance your existing routine by targeting specific skin...
1 review
$42.00 CAD
Purify pores + clear oily, congested skin with this simple clarifying routine featuring minis of our bestselling Pink Cloud Cleanser, Blue Tansy Mask and Aquarius...
REN Clean Skincare
$90.00 CAD
A complex of naturally derived ingredients that combat the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections for visibly younger skin. An anti-aging oil serum for mature skin...
Josh Rosebrook®
Sold Out
A new generation of Vitamin A efficacy. For All Skin Types This BHT-free Retinoid is a gentle, single conversion retinoic acid ester as it only...
This oil is your skincare routine’s night shift, working overtime to repair and renew your skin while you sleep. An advanced Retinoid Complex, Bakuchiol, CoEnzymeQ10,...