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Giving your complexion a periodic detox is highly underrated. Not only does it allow you to reset, reboot, and reveal the natural glow you never knew you had, but it also allows you be in consideration of every ingredient you're putting on your skin on a daily basis. Imagine how many ingredients your skin is exposed to and absorbs in a year! A regular complexion cleanse would definitely do us all good, and now is the best time.

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Lady Suite
$21.00 CAD
Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser gently cleanses and supports the vulva’s delicate balance. Made from naturally-derived ingredients, this concentrated silky + creamy gel formula gently cleanses and...
Lady Suite
$60.00 CAD
A botanical beauty + wellness oil for intimate skin that does it all, with a luxe, light-weight texture that you and your lady parts will...
Lady Suite
$42.00 CAD
A serious glow boosting + smoothing solution with Willow Bark, Niacinimide and Lactic Acid helps combat chronic bumps, ingrown hairs and rough texture for intimate...
Lady Suite
$75.00 CAD
Bundle, save and say NO to intimate skin struggles on the daily with a regular regimen of gentle cleansing + hydrating. These are the vulva...