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Pangea Organics was formed in 2001 from a simple concept: we and the earth are one, and in that oneness, the earth gives us everything we require to maintain our health, vibrancy, and youthful glow.

We have traveled near and far, cultivating relationships with organic farmers who dedicate their lives and land to producing the most nutrient-dense, organic ingredients on the planet. We have rigorously educated ourselves on how to extract the highest quotient of active components from each plant. This means everything we create is birthed from years of research and tireless testing. The result is a line of products that nourish you organically from crown to sole, are rich with the aromatherapeutic benefits of organic Essential Oils and exceed the expectations of both our customers and ourselves.


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Pangea Organics Lip Balm, Italian Red Mandarin & Rose Pangea Organics Lip Balm at Socialite Beauty Canada
Pangea Organics
$10.13 CAD $13.50 CAD
$10.13 CAD $13.50 CAD
Allow us to introduce you to the world’s most beloved, cant-go-without-it Lip Balm. This award-winner has remained a Pangea best-seller and customer favourite throughout the...