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Meet Gabby, the founder of The Green Belle; The Toronto toxic-free lifestyle blogger, YouTuber and podcaster.

Your go-to source for everything green, clean and non-toxic beauty products. Ditch the chemicals, preservatives and nasty fillers that lurk in your conventional beauty products for green products that have good-for-you ingredients in them that will not compromise your health and actually give you the results you want!

A few years ago, The Green Belle felt compelled to live a more holistic lifestyle; including purging her toxic beauty products and deep diving into the world of natural living. But back then, she did it all on her own – the research, the trial and error, the amazing discoveries and the fails & flops. She believes there is so much good in clean beauty and natural living.

You can shop all of The Green Belle's favourite clean beauty and natural living products to start your green living journey!

Odacité Blue Aura Cleansing Water, 120ml Odacité Blue Aura Cleansing Water at Socialite Beauty Canada
3 reviews
$10.00 CAD - $53.00 CAD
3 reviews
$10.00 CAD - $53.00 CAD
Skin vibrates with a newfound feeling of purity, freshness and comfort. No time to cleanse your face? This cleanser is for you! Remove Pollution, impurities...
1 review
$64.00 CAD
A multi-active cleansing oil that effortlessly dissolves all surface impurities and buildup, for easy removal of makeup, pollution, excess sebum and sunscreen, leaving skin smooth...
Josh Rosebrook®
Sold Out
A dynamic, oil-based makeup remover and powerful first cleanse. For all skin types - oily, combination, normal, and dry. Suitable for dehydrated, sensitive, acne, rosacea,...
Joanna Vargas
$250.00 CAD
Jump start your glowing skin with our three best-sellers, crafted by Joanna Vargas.  Using naturally active ingredients like chlorophyll and hyaluronic acid, you're just 3 daily steps away from...