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Mermaid Mask by Leahlani Skincare available online in Canada at Socialite Beauty. Mermaid Mask - Superfood Revitalizing Mask
$92.00 CAD
An emerald superfood smoothie for the skin that nourishes, purifies and revitalizes the complexion on a cellular level.  Ideal for all skin types Brimming with...
$51.00 CAD - $75.00 CAD
A radiant weekly clearing microdermabrasion exfoliating treatment that shows congested, acne-prone skin some serious love. Ideal for oily combination or acne prone skin Formulated with...
$62.00 CAD
A luminous daily balancing serum that brings stressed, sensitive skin to its happy place by gently alleviating inflammation, neutralizing redness, soothing irritation, and diminishing scarring. Ideal for...
$61.00 CAD
A refreshing daily toning mist that brightens and hydrates the complexion, illuminating both skin and spirit. Ideal for oily combination or acne prone skin With...
$139.00 CAD
A deliciously decadent detox mask that draws impurities from deep within the pores to promote a clear, cleansed, and vibrant complexion.  Ideal for oily combination...