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BYBI Beauty: Sustainable Skincare that is safe for you & the planet

31 Aug 2020
BYBI Beauty: Sustainable Skincare that is safe for you & the planet

BYBI Beauty is a UK based clean beauty and skincare brand. Crafting clean and efficacious products that are designed to optimise your skin’s health, BYBI is a powerfully value-driven brand which is striving to do better and to create change in an old-fashioned industry.

Committed to using only 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, BYBI is extremely conscious of their impact on the planet; be that through their raw materials, packaging or suppliers.

Founded by Elsie and Dominika in 2017, BYBI stands for Beauty Insiders. These beauty bloggers are also trained formulators and skincare experts who create products based on what they want, what they know there is a need for, and what they know doesn’t exist yet. Without compromising on either the quality of their products or the way they are produced, BYBI knows it is possible to create great skincare without putting a strain of our planet and they are one of the few in the industry who are doing it.

The inspiration behind BYBI came from Clean Beauty Insiders; a platform for all things natural beauty, from DIY recipes to product reviews and industry news. Ideated and started by Elsie and Dominika in their own kitchens, it began with simple experimentations with avocado face masks and turmeric body scrubs. Now BYBI Beauty is Certified vegan and cruelty free crafting eco-friendly high performance products from 100% natural ingredients.

Their transparent approach to skincare gives powerfully transformative results. A wide range of skincare products means you can calm, soften, regenerate, brighten or shield your skin with BYBI. They additionally offer consciously curated skincare bundles which are packaged in super chic, sustainable pouches made from paper. With a selection to suit everyone, they take the stress out of caring for your skin.

BYBI Beauty is dedicated to sustainability in beauty, personal care and beyond – all the while helping you indulge in fabulous TLC for your skin with their exquisite formulas.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of something bigger with BYBI and their Clean Beauty Insiders platform today!

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