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About Clove and Hallow

30 Jan 2021
About Clove and Hallow

Clove + Hallow is an award-winning vegan cosmetics line that delivers the performance you expect at the price you deserve – with ingredients your skin will love. 

Founded by professional makeup artist Sarah Biggers-Stewart, Clove + Hallow is built upon best practices and real-world understanding of how cosmetics should perform. Partnering with only the top manufacturers in the United States (while formulating in compliance with the EU’s stricter safety regulations) and in consultation with a diverse global network of beauty experts, Clove + Hallow is careful to align every aspect of their brand and product lineup with their values.

With an emphasis on minimalism, they have a Clean15 philosophy which involves using only 15 or fewer safe ingredients to achieve formulas that deliver the maximum impact. Clove + Hallow believes that the future of beauty is in the seamless integration of botanical prowess with science and technology. On this foundation, they craft powerful bold, inclusive shade ranges with show-stopping pigment and all day wear as a standard, not the exception. 

With safety taking precedence over purism, they place great value on transparency and trust, inculcating a relationship on this foundation with all their stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, and their community at large. Imbibing a “do no harm” philosophy, Clove + Hallow’s philosophy encompasses safety, sustainability and affordability. This is truly Beauty Without Sacrifice.

Thoughtfully combining powerful botanicals and good-enough-to-eat oils and butters, Clove + Hallow strikes the perfect balance of a colourful palette, exceptional finishes, and products that wear beautifully without any safety concerns. Vegan and cruelty-free, they replace questionable and confusing chemicals with a small but impactful and well-researched roster of safe ingredients.

With Clove + Hallow, you can rock your favourite makeup looks while nourishing your skin and taking care of the environment.

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