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The Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil For You Skin & Hair

27 Mar 2020
The Benefits of Bitter Almond Oil For You Skin & Hair

What is Bitter Almond Oil used for?

Bitter Almond Oil is made from the crushed kernels of bitter almonds. It is different from sweet almond oil which is derived from another type of almond plant altogether. Bitter almond oil has a nutty fragrance and is used for its scent, flavour, and its therapeutic value. 

Bitter almond oil is used for a variety of health benefits. It is helpful for muscle spasms, bacterial infections, fungal infections, pain, digestive issues and for coughs as well. It was popular in the Middle Ages for its effectiveness as a laxative and diuretic. Its fatty acid content helps in maintaining blood pressure cholesterol levels in the body. Its versatility comes from its potent properties as a vermifuge, febrifuge, bactericidal, germicidal, fungicidal, sedative, anesthetic, aperient, diuretic, anti-intoxicating, anti-carcinogenic, and antispasmodic substance.

The benefits of Bitter Almond Oil for your skin and hair

These properties extend to its topical application to skin and hair. It contains oleic acid, a type of mono saturated acid, plus omega-9 fatty acid giving it potent moisturizing properties. Since it is easily absorbed, it is able to deliver its high nutritional content deep within layers of the dermis to powerfully heal and nourish skin. It is rich in vitamin E, giving it the ability to fight off free radicals and reverse signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. 

It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can help keep acne causing bacteria at bay while also being useful to treat cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Another popular use of this oil is for its ability to lighten and brighten skin. You can use it to fade dark spots, dark circles under eyes, hyperpigmentation, and otherwise brighten your skin tone. It is used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well though then jury is still out on whether it actually helps in this regard.

Bitter almond oil is great for hair as well. It helps in the maintenance of a healthy scalp which in turn strengthens hair follicles. It has a neutral pH and it combats scalp conditions that cause hair loss and weakened hair like dandruff and dryness. It’s antioxidant properties can repair hair damaged by over-styling and exposure to the sun and other environmental stressors. It helps hair regain its resilience, strength, and lustre while stopping hair loss.

We have a few products by Soapwalla that have incorporated bitter almond oil with its wonderful nutty aroma in their formulations. The Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream by Pai Skincare contains bitter almond oil.



Bringing intensive and long-lasting hydration to very dry and chapped hands, our sensitive skin-friendly Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream is free from alcohol (denat.), artificial fragrance and other common irritants.

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