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Chemistry brand Hand creams

02 Nov 2020
Chemistry brand Hand creams

As the world struggles to contain the impact of the Corona virus, many of us are relegated to staying indoors and isolating ourselves from our friends and loved ones. While this is indeed a challenging time, we can take advantage of the slower pace to indulge in some TLC for our stressed out and overworked hands with the wonderful hand creams by The Chemistry Brand.

The Hand Chemistry is pro-repair skincare for hands with its concentrated multi-functional formulation which targets 8 signs of hand aging simultaneously. The extraordinary 19.5% active complex concentration improves the looks of firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration. It visibly decreases wrinkle depth with its infusion of Biological GHK which boosts collagen in skin. 

This hand cream contains a biotechnological derivative of the mushroom, Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp, which is shown to be 400 x more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid. The smart inclusion of an algae ferment potently boosts skin moisture content in just 12 hours. In addition, Sacha Inchi oil and Maize Propanediol work together to form a protective moisture barrier, ensuring that the skin is able to hold on to this new-found moisture.

The HA3 Hand Hydrator is completely unlike conventional and traditional creams which target only surface level moisture. Instead this is a powerful triple-function hydrator which targets both below and above surface hydration. It seals moisture into skin and prevents moisture loss by forming a strong invisible protective glove. It leverages the potent hydrating and moisturizing properties of nature-like hyaluronic acid for instant and longer-term hydration in a soothing and protective base of liquid mango butter, Brazilian Açaí and Incha Inchi oil.

Now for anyone who has extremely dry and damaged hands, please don’t fret. We have the ultimate hydrating prowess available in the Extreme Hydration Concentrate, an ultra-concentrated hydration complex which contains five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources that provide deep and lasting hydration to the skin, offering dramatic visible textural improvements. This is the perfect saviour for dry skin or to use during periods of cold weather as it helps to create a barrier to protect the skin from the environment. 

This 360 degree approach to extreme hydration consists of ingredients that deeply moisturize and regenerate for a visible difference to skin texture in a matter of days. While boosting hydrating and delivering below surface hydration, it encourages the skin to create its own hydration for long term hydration benefits. This cream forms an invisible glove on the surface to ensure the skin retains its own moisture while offering instant hydration.

So look at the silver lining and rejuvenate the skin on your hands today!

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