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Enzyme Exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook®

24 Dec 2019
Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Josh Rosebrook®, Beauty in Harmony with Nature!

Does your skin look tired and dull? Are you worried about premature signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles? Maybe what you need is a good old fashioned exfoliation with the Enzyme Exfoliator by Josh Rosebrook® This product offers a two pronged approach with physical and enzyme exfoliation combined to regenerate the skin’s outer layer.

A thoroughly professional resurfacing treatment, this enzyme exfoliator works to clear, soften, and renew your skin. The reliance on physical and enzyme exfoliation paves the way for a luminous, baby-smooth complexion. That sounds like a dream come true! Wonder how it actually works? Well, the physical exfoliation works with finely ground, round walnut shells that slough off dead skin. This mechanically reveals new skin and helps stimulate collagen production which can reverse those pesky signs of aging and restore resilience to your skin.

The enzyme exfoliation works with the combination of potent papaya, honey, and herbal enzymes and acids which gently dissolve dead skin cells while penetrating deep inside the dermis to unveil a fresh, radiant glow. This dual-action exfoliation delivers results that are visibly better than either method alone. The nutrient-dense plant oils and raw honey serve as a potent combination to restore moisture and help clear skin issues.

This incredible product harnesses natural botanicals with its infusion of antioxidant rich turmeric and elderberry which work together with raw honey to quench skin and replenish its hydration. The rich herbal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory synergies assist to calm, regenerate, and help reset the natural healing process of the skin and support healthy skin function. It is suitable for all skin types and conditions including acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and sensitive skin (omitting mechanical exfoliation for listed inflammatory conditions while using only enzymatic exfoliation action of the product).

You can use this exfoliator two times a week. It is easy to apply, in gentle, circular motions. You can leave it to set for at least 10 minutes up to 1 hour (at least 40 minutes is highly recommended though to reap all the benefits!). Rinse it off with warm water and pat your skin dry. It is recommended that you follow this treatment up with the Hydrating Accelerator and then the Active Infusion Serum.




Physical and enzyme exfoliation combine to regenerate the skin’s outer layer.

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