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Nourish & Hydrate your Lips with the Perfect Lip Colors from Ere Perez

01 Aug 2020
Nourish & Hydrate your Lips with the Perfect Lip Colors from Ere Perez

Ere Perez is natural skincare and makeup made from powerful botanical ingredients for clean, conscious living.

Let’s explore the world of Ere Perez for nourishing and eye-catching lip colors.

The Cacao Lip Color is a creamy lip formulation that comes in 6 different shades. The star ingredient in this lip color is cacao butter. A nutritional powerhouse, cacao butter is chockfull of saturated fats and antioxidants to offer potent emollient properties. The butter is infused with castor oil as well and its omega content works along with cacao butter to wonderfully soften and hydrate lips while fighting signs of ageing. This vegan lip butter is long-lasting and designed to add the perfect touch of colour. It offers sheer coverage and leaves lips with a velvety texture. This is truly luxurious lip heaven!

The Olive Oil Lipstick is a range of naturally vibrant vegan lipsticks uniquely formulated with olive oil to help moisturize and hydrate your lips. An ancient Mediterranean oil, olive oil is packed with monounsaturated fats, polyphenols, and vitamin E giving it the perfect composition to ensure hydrated and healthy lips. Not only does it plump up dry cells with moisturize to ensure smooth and supple lips, it powerfully protects from free radical damage. No wonder these natural lipsticks just offer nourished and pure smooth colour without drying out lips or causing flaking. Available in 14 different shades, there is something for every style and every complexion. Find your favourites and you’ll be smiling all day.

The Tinted Lip Bar is a range of conditioning tinted lipbars infused with wild pansy extract. This pretty wildflower has potent soothing & healing properties including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to revitalize lips. A luxurious blend of nourishing shea butter, argan oil and hydrating plant-based squalene, this is the ultimate luxe lip care, enriched with natural antioxidants and vitamin E to regenerate beautiful, healthy skin. Available in 6 shades of vegan tinted shine, they protect your lips and give them a delicate petal colour. They come in a fun click casing for smooth application and all-day wear. Truly a luscious treat for your lips.

With these wonderful lip products available in a wide range of shades, you can treat your lips with natural botanicals and a color that truly makes your pout pop.

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