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Calming Eye Shadows made with Chamomile for Sensitive Eyes

22 Dec 2020
Calming Eye Shadows made with Chamomile for Sensitive Eyes

Ere Perez is natural skincare and makeup made from powerful botanical ingredients for clean, conscious living. Let’s explore the world of Ere Perez makeup today.

Ere Perez has 4 eyeshadow palettes that are perfect for anyone looking for versatile looks that go from day to night and formulated with nourishing and gentle botanicals. Each of these palettes feature 6 unique shades of natural colour. They are formulated with calming ingredients including chamomile for sensitive eyes, which may help soothe the delicate skin of the eye area.

Chamomile is a wonderful botanical that has many great properties for the health of your delicate eye area. A traditional herbal remedy, it has potent anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. These eyeshadows are also formulated with vitamin E to additionally give your eyes antioxidant protection and renew them from the typical signs of ageing which very easily form in this delicate area including fine lines and crows feet.

When it comes to colours and shades, each of these palettes has matte shades and shades that shimmer and shine. The colours can be blended or worn alone and are creative natural colours which you can apply in different patterns to make your eyes your best feature. Ere Perez have eco vegan eye brushes as well if you’re looking for brushes to apply your eye makeup with. The 4 eyeshadow palettes are Pretty, Lovely, Gorgeous, and Beautiful.

Pretty has wonderful shimmery shades that are still natural, giving you the ability to craft looks that are dramatic without being over the top. These shades are Liz, Katiana, Bonnie, Pausha, Gaby, and Sarai. 

Gorgeous has matte and shimmery shades in various hues of brown. It can make for a more intense and sultry look particularly for lighter skin tones. These shades are Aylin, Fay, Ana, Kat, Vicky, and Estelle.

Beautiful has a few of the darkest shades, making it great for smoky eyes and more dramatic shimmery looks. These shades are Gosia, Karina, Shazi, Agathe, Caro and Ruth.

Lovely has more matte shades that are lighter and hence give a more subtle and natural look. These shades are Lydia, Aurora  Aurora, Maura, Ere, Emma, and Karla.

So no matter what your skin tone or the kind of eye make up looks you prefer, Ere Perez has something for everyone. Your eyes are important, give them the natural best!

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