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Green Beauty Glam Palette by Fitglow Beauty

06 Jan 2020
Green Beauty Glam Palettes by Fitglow Beauty

For a wonderfully romantic and sparkly holiday season, be sure to check out the Green Beauty Glam Palette from this exclusive collection. 

Tired of the same old make up looks? Want to try something different this season? Look no further than FitGlow Beauty’s Green Glam collection exclusive for this season.

This eye shadow palette is the perfect collection of 5 magical new eyeshadow shades and a soft illuminator to give you endless ways to create a healthy and glamorous look. These shades consist of a plum, deep bronze, olive gold, smokey grey, and translucent black colors. The shades can easily be mixed and matched to give you anything from a soft, romantic look to a dusky, sparkly glamour. 

The Glam Palette goes beyond just making your eyes pop. It is the perfect embodiment of beauty and skincare. It elevates your beauty with its skin-transforming ingredients that heal and nourish deeply while adding color to your life. Formulated with pure minerals pressed with organic oils and collagen boosting plant extracts, these pigmented shades firm, smooth, and protect skin from aging while adding a pop of natural color.

Let’s take a closer look at what some of these skin-transforming ingredients are. The plant extracts are Lupin seed extract and green tea leaf extract. These provide a plant-based collagen boost which translates into a stimulating of collagen production in the skin. The increase in collagen works to improve skin elasticity and lifts sagging skin at the same time, powerfully reversing obvious signs of aging.

The Palette shades are formulated with extremely nourishing botanical oils including Cloudberry seed oil and Jojoba oil. Cloudberry seed oil is a very effective antioxidant, rich in vitamin A and E. It is additionally replete with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids giving it potent moisturizing properties while strengthening your skin’s protective barrier. Giving your skin a moisture and vitamin boost, it leaves skin hydrated, smooth, and soft. 

Jojoba oil is a moisturizing, anti-bacterial, oil controlling, and anti-inflammatory agent which keeps your skin calm and comfortable. Chockfull of Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins, it helps repair skin and controls damage. While it naturally softens and moisturizes skin to give you the perfect canvas to keep your eye makeup on, it ensures that these wonderful pigments stay in place by preventing excess oil production.   



The perfect collection of 5 new eyeshadows and soft illuminator giving you endless ways to create a healthy glamorous look.

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