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How to use a Cleansing Conditioner

29 Mar 2018
How to use a Cleansing Conditioner

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner

Washing your hair is as much of a ritual as your skincare routine for many women and a deep cleanse followed by a hydrating layer of conditioner comes as second nature for most.

By now you’re sure to have heard the term cleansing conditioner but we’d forgive you for feeling a little confused about how and where it fits into your routine in the shower. With so many products available on the market today it seems almost counter-intuitive to downsize your stash of hair care; shampoos, conditioners and so on but when you find something that truly works why take up valuable space in your shower with an overflow of half used bottles?

Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner isn’t any old hybrid ‘wash & go’ shampoo; though that doesn’t say that it’s complicated to use.

What is a Cleansing Conditioner and how do I use it?

To use the Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner you have to merge together your idea of what a shampoo and conditioner do for your hair.

Start by taking a generous amount of product to wet hair and massage it into your scalp before smoothing through to ends as you would your conditioner. Let this sit on your hair for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly, continuing to massage your hair and scalp. You can then dry and style your hair as you normally would but you should notice a difference in hair’s softness, added volume and ease in styling. It doesn’t contain any sulfates so while you won’t experience that familiar lather when washing your hair, you can rest assured that the Cleansing Conditioner isn’t stripping the hair of its natural oils needed for a healthy and balanced scalp. Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner is ideal all hair types and works well on both thick, curly and super fine hair to control frizz and eliminate flyaways.

Shop the range of cleansing conditioners here and see for yourself how your hair can feel full, soft and thoroughly cleansed in one simple step.

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