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How To Use Cleansing Conditioners

18 Jul 2016

Intense, innovation-driven cleansing and nourishment.

Cleansing Conditioners deliver immediate and lasting improvement for healthy-looking, visibly stronger hair by providing intense, innovation-driven cleansing and nourishment. These miracle products are focused on smoothing, nourishing and hydrating your hair without stripping the natural oils and disrupting the balance of your scalp. There's confusion around the use of Cleansing Conditioners, we've made this guide to help you out. 

Over-washing your hair can cause damage and can actually cause your scalp to produce excess oil. Rinse your hair thoroughly before you begin to cleanse to get rid of any dirt on the surface of your hair, preparing it for the deep cleanse that's about to go down. Remember to keep the temperature of the water cool which will lock in moisture and prevent long term damage.


  • Agaricus Active Complex 
    A natural Hyaluronic Acid derived from an edible mushroom. It helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizziness and leaves hair smooth and shiny looking.
  • Pantheon 
    Draws moisture from the atmosphere and readily binds to water molecules. When applied to the hair, Panthenol helps to moisturize the hair, giving it shine and gloss.
  • Conditioning Complex of Natural Oils 
    Naturally derived oil work by coating the hair surface, helping to smooth the cuticles and reducing frizz leaving beautifully nourished, silky and glossy hair, without losing volume. The Conditioning Complex provides a super nourishing, moisturizing and innovative product that will allow you to ditch the shampoo forever by delivering immediate and lasting improvement for healthy-looking, visibly stronger hair.


Here's where cleansing conditioners are different. You can apply the cleansing conditioner as you would a regular shampoo, work it into your scalp and the lengths of your hair, make sure your hair is quite wet. It won’t lather up like a regular shampoo or conditioner so when you are working the cleansing conditioner into your hair, avoid scrubbing like you might with shampoo as this can cause damage to the hair. Gently massage and work it into your scalp. 

Leave it in for 3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Rather than stripping the oils from your hair, cleansing conditioners work with them to leave you with clean and shiny locks.


Air drying your hair once a week can go a long way in improving your hair health. Cleansing Conditioners cleanse and nourish your hair and prevent it from drying out, so avoid over-using heated hair tools when possible. For the times where you have to use hair tools make sure that your hair is fully dry to avoid frying it. Exposing even slightly damp hair to intense heat can cause long lasting damage.


Cleansing conditioner has multiple benefits in 1 product, including making your hair shinier, thicker and easier to style –so you can ditch more than just your shampoo. Your newly nourished, super-shiny, thicker, stronger and longer hair will hold styles better, reducing your need for harsh styling products or damaging extensions. 

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