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Stimulate your Scalp with a Tingling Scalp Masque

18 Jul 2016

The Grow Gorgeous 'Back Into The Roots' Stimulating Scalp Masque cools and calm the scalp with a tingling sensation. Combining vitamins, caffeine and hyaluronic acid, the masque is ideal for the treatment of dry and itchy scalps.

Grow Gorgeous Back Into The Roots

Have you ever tried scalp masque? Here at Socialite Beauty our editors hadn't... but if you have let us know below which kind you have tried because we have fallen in love and want to try them all!

The 'Back into the Roots' 10-Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque is a totally unique hair treatment from Grow Gorgeous. We love the idea behind a masque for your scalp, we tend to focus on our hair but why not focus on the source!  This scalp masque claims to revive and soothe with a combination of vitamins, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid from better hair growth... Sounds pretty good, we tested it out. 

Grow Gorgeous 'Back into the Roots' 10-Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque is so easy to incorporate into your hair care routine. On the days that you would normally wash your hair, you can put this masque on 10 minutes before your shower or bath, it has a pointed applicator that makes it simple to apply directly onto your scalp. For the 10 minutes you wait, you don't have to worry about this masque making a mess. It is a light, non-greasy cream that doesn't drip like some other hair oils or treatments sometimes do. 

We love the fact that this masque creates an intense refreshing tingling feeling on your scalp - very invigorating! You'll feel the tingling immediately with the Grow Gorgeous 'Back Into The Roots' Scalp Masque because it contains menthol to create this sensational scalp cooling. After the 10 minutes are over you can wash your hair. You'll notice how easily the masque rinses out of your hair and how refreshed your scalp feels immediately. The tingling lasts while the masque is applied and turns into a cool-feeling scalp that lasts a little longer. 

The Grow Gorgeous 'Back into the Roots' is the perfect hair masque to use if you’re looking to have healthier looking, invigorated hair and a soothed, hydrated scalp to promote optimum hair growth

Grow Gorgeous 'Back into the Roots' Scalp Masque
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