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Thirst Quenching Lip Balms For Soft Lips All Summer

20 Aug 2020
Thirst Quenching Lip Balms For Soft Lips All Summer

As the weather turns toasty warm and summer regales us with longer days, bright blue skies, and endless sunshine, we have to invariably change our skincare routines to accommodate the changing weather.

While ensuring healthy skin and hair during summer has its own challenges, our lips tend to get neglected.

To ensure you retain a kissable pout all through the sunny summer day, be sure to stock up on nourishing botanical lip balms like our favourite picks below:

The Tinted Daily Lip Balm by RMS Beauty is a lush, lip-softening balm in au natural, or with a delicate hint of lip-bitten colour in 3 subtle yet alluring shades. You can pamper and protect your lips with its pure, ultra-hydrating ingredients that nourish, smooth, and minimize fine lines with just a kiss of colour. Rich in antioxidants, it absorbs quickly to nourish and hydrate lips, providing relief to dryness and softening your beautiful feature. It locks in moisture while protecting lips from environmental stressors and sun damage. A must have for a care-free summer!

The Lip Calm by John Masters Organics’ soothes and softens dry, chapped lips with its nourishing formula, available in 7 exciting flavours. This lip balm is a definite fan-favourite, created with the finest organic ingredients, to give you impeccable softening, deep hydration and unbeatable protection against harsh weather and wind. Rich in antioxidants, it powerfully conditions skin and combats ageing with powerhouse oils like olive, jojoba and borage.

If potent tint-free lip moisture is your thing, we have just the lip balm for you. The Naked Quench Lip Balm by Pacifica harnesses the essential fatty acids which are packed in the rich and amazing avocado and coconut oils to bring you a product that will leave your lips luscious and healthy. Additionally nourishing with its inclusion of coconut oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E and minerals, this tint-free lip balm packs quite the punch for lip care.

The Babe Balm by Bybi Beauty is a multi-purpose vegan balm. It’s rich texture works as an intense treatment giving you soothed skin and lips. Formulated with emollient ingredients like shea butter and fruit wax, it seals in moisture to keep lips feeling softer. It repairs lip skin with its high content of antioxidants and vitamin C. It has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe and nourish lips and harnesses the properties of carrot extract to repair and replenish skin while providing protection from environmental stressors.

Stock up on these beloved balms to have a stress free summer today!

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