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Pacifica Perfumes for Every Occasion

05 Aug 2020
Pacifica Perfumes for Every Occasion

Elevating the experience of beauty products crafted from pure natural ingredients, Pacifica Beauty delivers high performance products which truly give great results. They have a range of natural perfumes, all of which are also available as roll-ons, which get their intoxicating and alluring fragrances from a blend of unique botanicals.

Let’s take a look at some of these today.

The French Lilac Spray Perfume is alluring and romantic, in a traditional French style. It has a fresh scent which conjures images of spring with its blend of lilac, magnolia leaves, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, hyacinth and subtle notes of nectarine. This proprietary blend of natural and essential oils is combined with the best natural grain corn-based alcohol to give you a fragrance that lingers.

 The Tahitian Gardenia Spray Perfume is a heady, vintage-inspired blend that showcases the sacred Tahitian gardenia bloom, a symbol of love, unity, grace and strength. It’s sweet, smooth and slightly citrusy aroma is reminiscent of jasmine, sweet orange and tea leaves. With natural grain corn-based alcohol, this sweet and fruity aroma is sure to be a signature fragrance.

The Sugared Amber Spray Perfume has an intoxicating aura of rainbow wishes, magic and love for the bravest hearts. It fills you with the possibility of dreams filled with sparkling sugar, heady vanilla and warm amber. With gorgeous natural and essential oils and plant-based alcohol, this is truly a fragrance you just want to spray on to start smelling amazing!

The Island Vanilla Spray Perfume is inspired by the luscious Tahitian Islands. It is a beautifully sophisticated exotic blend of Tahitian Vanilla, loved for its fruity and slightly floral aroma, anchored with creamy, rich bourbon vanilla. Sounds yummy! You can indulge in this delicious fragrance from natural and essential oils and make sure you feel so great, people just want to take a bite out of you!

The Persian Rose Spray Perfume – its name says it all. Doused in the romantic fragrance of rose, a symbol of love and beauty, this fragrance captures the essence of “the queen of flowers”. In the 9th century, Persian poets such as Rumi, drew strong connections between the rose and spiritual epiphany. Well, far be it for us to draw a similar comparison to this alluring fragrance but with the natural fragrance of rose so heavily imbibed in it, you wouldn’t be remiss to feel a connection to something much greater when you smell so heavenly yourself!

The Himalayan Patchouli Berry Spray Perfume is an explosion of colourful scents including grapefruit, white patchouli, sugar notes and geranium. Smells just like spring! Inspired by the Festival of Colours in Nepal, celebrated at the full moon before the spring equinox. 

These are truly amazing aromas which are purely natural for everyone who just wants to smell great with clean green fragrances.

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