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The Perfect Organic Moisturizer Made Just For Your Skin Type

23 Jun 2020
The Perfect Organic Moisturizer Made Just For Your Skin Type

We know that sensitive skin comes in all forms, not just ‘normal to dry’ - so Pai offers four Moisturizers specifically tailored to your skin type. With premium-grade soothing organic extracts, they keep your skin hydrated and healthy, as well as addressing more specific skin concerns.

For a range of ultra-deluxe and ultra-pure organic creams that are packed to the brim with skin soothers, look no further than Pai Skincare.

BEST FOR ACNE/BLEMISH-PRONE SKIN: The Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream rebalances oily and combination skin to combat blemishes, blackheads and breakouts. Lightweight and non-greasy, this silky Moisturizer restores balance to sensitive skin prone to blemishes and congestion. It mattifies the skin while reducing the appearance of large pores and hydrating skin. The essential fatty acids from Borage and Thistle oils help to calm unsettled complexions and even out skin tone. It minimizes congestion and breakouts, and absorbs instantly to leave a super soft satin finish that makes a perfect base for make-up.

BEST FOR DRY SKIN: The Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Cream provides long-lasting hydration to dry and dehydrated skin. This light, buttery Moisturizer instantly plumps fine lines and smoothes away dry patches without feeling greasy or heavy on the skin. Enriched with organic Avocado and Jojoba oils to deeply condition lacklustre skin with Omegas 3 & 6, it leaves sensitive skin calm, supple and touchably soft while maintaining its moisture barrier. Delicately scented with Jasmine and May Chang, the silky formula melts away to reveal a glowing and revitalized complexion.

BEST FOR MATURE SKIN: The Age Confidence Cream quenches moisture levels and locks in water for lasting hydration while protecting against the ageing effects of irritation. It contains plant extracts that replace the natural oils that deplete as we age to comfort and condition very dry and mature sensitive skin. It provides long-lasting moisture while helping to protect the skin from the effects of stress. It promotes skin elasticity and smoothes the appearance of fine lines. This silky cream leaves even reactive skin types with a beautifully calm and supple complexion.

BEST FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: The Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream helps calm the appearance of reactive redness. The ultimate treat for very sensitive and reactive skin, this Cream is formulated to soothe and hydrate even the most delicate complexions. With Chamomile and Rosehip, this light and silky cream quickly diminishes flare-ups of redness and eases visible irritation. High concentrations of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, plus antioxidant carotenoids help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage while calming the appearance of aggravated skin.

With something for every skin type, you can be sure to find skin nourishment in these exquisite creams by Pai Skincare.

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