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Rituel de Fille Eye Soots

15 Mar 2020
Rituelle de fille eye soot

Rituel De Fille Eye Soots Review

We carry two types of Eye Soots – the Ash & Ember Eye Soot and the Celestial Sphere Eye Soot. The Ash & Ember Eye Soots are a magical concoction of smouldering, everlasting colour with a rich texture between powder and cream and come in 11 different shades. Made with pure pigments and oils, it does not contain any waxes—so it will never melt with the warmth of your skin, making Ash and Ember Eye Soots highly resistant to creasing and fading.

These beautiful pots of color can be used as a liner, a shadow or a primer, but they are not formulated like any of those. Instead, they are a carefully balanced, extremely minimal formulation based on just natural pigment and a touch of oil. The secret is in how they are mixed and filled, using artistry and technique that creates their unique texture. The colors will maintain their vibrancy and stay where applied for a remarkably long time. This unique product is made with pure pigments and oils. 

Extremely versatile, these eye soots are unlike traditional pressed eye shadows, you don't have to be delicate with them as the product can't crack or shatter. We recommend using dense, firmer bristled brushes to be able to pick up the most product, and some of the easiest shapes to start with are smudge brushes and angled liner brushes. However, once you are used to the texture and application of Ash and Ember Eye Soots, you'll find that they can be used with a wide array of brush styles.

Celestial Sphere Eye Soot are magical creations that capture the night sky in constellations of scintillating starlight. Each richly textured, brightly shimmering gelée formulation creates natural magic in a highly pigmented potion—all while being made with beautifully minimalistic ingredients. Every boldly shimmering shade of Celestial Sphere Eye Soot is made with only with iridescent, dimensional, color-shifting pigments to create something truly unique: each color is incredibly vibrant while maintaining its translucency.

The Celestial Sphere Eye Soots come in 4 mesmerising shades. Ara is a brightly shimmering, iridescent red-rose with a vibrant gold shift—with the subtlest hints of teal revealed some lighting. Pyxis is a vibrant, cool-toned shimmer in blue-shifting aqua. Lyra is a shimmer that merges beautiful wearability with stunning complexity. It combines intensely iridescent pigments in violet, gold, and aqua to create a dimensional, glowing white hue. Fornax is a brightly iridescent shimmer with a vibrant gold shift that, in some lighting, reveals hints of the full-color spectrum. Warm, fiery and transformative, it is glinting and glimmering with a bright all-over glow.

These Eye Soots are amazing, they can be used individually or together. You can wear Celestial Sphere Eye Soots on bare skin or it can be layered over any Ash and Ember Eye Soot to create a light-capturing gaze, apply as an extraordinary finish over any of our other colors on any part of the face, or wear as a daring highlighter.



Celestial Sphere Eye Soot: These magical creations capture the night sky in constellations of scintillating starlight.


A magical concoction of smouldering, everlasting colour with a rich texture between powder and cream.

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