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Natural Deodorant- The Detox for Your Armpits

On the Lymphatic system and armpit odour and detoxing deodorants. Onto a smelly subject – body odour and armpits. Funnily enough, our armpits and body odour associated with them play...

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The Takesumi Detox Deodorant

There has been a lot of buzz lately about how charcoal is great to detoxify your skin; Kaia Naturals has now brought that technology to your pits! Meet the brand-new Takesumi Detox Deodorant from Kaia Naturals.  Switching to this charcoal-based Takesumi Detox Deodorant will allow your body a chance to regulate and detox built up toxins and bacteria. It is a simple change leading to a healthier lifestyle....

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#MakeTheSwitch to Natural Deodorant

Don’t sweat it.  When it comes to switching your deodorant, it can be a challenge to break the habit of buying the same one because you know that it works. What we put under our arms is one of the most essential choices we make when it comes to personal care products, and it’s a great place to start making the switch...

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