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Thayers® Bar Soaps

17 Apr 2020
Thayers® Bar Soaps

Witch Hazel in every Soap Bar

Thayers® are well known for their Witch Hazel toners which are a cult beauty favourite. They also have 3 bar soaps that incorporate Witch Hazel in their formulations to give you an enticing, epicurean experience for the epidermis. Sound interesting? Well keep reading then. 

These Body bars commingle coconut and palm oils to moisturize and protect your skin. A lightweight and deeply moisturizing oil, coconut oil has a high content of Lauric acids, and proteins to provide intense hydration, replenishment, and nourishment to your skin. It boosts collagen production and improves skin elasticity. It has anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial properties that soothe skin and keep conditions like acne at bay. The antioxidants in coconut oil help to slow down the ageing process and reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

And more natural ingredients for your skin

Palm oil contains Palmitic Acid, Oleic Acid, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Carotenoids, Phytosterols, and Vitamin E. With a nutritional profile like this, it is no wonder that palm oil is great for your skin. It has emollient and moisturising properties that leave your skin soft and supple while protecting from free radical damage. It is a great foaming cleanser that purges excess sebum from skin while boosting collagen production and skin elasticity to leave your skin deeply cleansed, firm, soft, and smooth. 

The body bars all contain Thayers® signature Witch Hazel, an organic and non-distilled product that maintains the highest levels of therapeutic tannins. These potent tannins are the secret to banishing acne and breakouts due to their antibacterial and antioxidant properties. They rejuvenate skin and restore a healthy glow. The astringent properties of witch hazel cleanse, tone and soothe your skin by balancing sebum production, reducing redness and preventing inflammation. 

Another key ingredient is Aloe Vera, a versatile botanical powerhouse that needs no introduction. With its high content of amino acids and vitamins, Aloe Vera has some serious benefits for the skin. It has the ability to deeply nourishing skin cells while relieving them of toxins. It has astringent properties that tighten pores to keep grime, dirt, and excess sebum at bay and hence reduce acne and breakouts. A great moisturizer, it boosts collagen production and heals scar tissue. With these awesome ingredients and select essential oils, these bar soaps are bubbling with moisture and aromatherapy.

Take your pick from the Citrus Body Bar, the Peppermint Body Bar, or the Rose Petal Bar to give yourself a treat today!


An enticing, epicurean experience for the epidermis, Thayers Citrus Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Body Bar commingles coconut and palm oils to moisturize and protect.


Bubbling With Moisture & Aromatherapy!


Ideal for delicate skin, Thayers Rose Petal Body Bar lathers beautifully thanks to a rich mix of palm and coconut oils

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