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Reconnect With Your Body With WooWoo Laboratory Oils

For natural, hand-blended wellness products that adorn and empower women by reconnecting them to the cycles and rhythms of nature, you don’t need to look further than Woowoo Laboratory. This is a brand that believes in a woman’s healing their connection to their bodies for self-assured and confident women.

Let’s take a look at the body oils from this brand.

The Consensual Anointing Oil is formulated to enhance multifaceted female sensuality as experienced in the head, heart and genitals. It settles a wandering mind, opens the heart for intimacy, and heightens warmth and sensation. This alluring and aromatic oil blend is great for sexual health too with the enticing and sensual aromas of sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Wonderfully formulated, it is a silky base of anti-microbial coconut oil, and supportive evening primrose oil for good, clean fun.

The 3B Body Oil is a hydrating and fast-absorbing body oil that is formulated with breasts, bellies, and bottoms in mind. This herb and botanical infused oil for breast massage and lymphatic release helps release trauma and encourages unconditional love. While stimulating lymphatic release, it soothes breast tissue, nurtures scars and deeply nourishes, hydrates and protects from environmental damage. It is a profoundly nourishing formula that assists the body and promotes a positive relationship with your body.

The Breast Care Concentrate is a triple infused herbal oil, crafted to stimulate lymphatic release, nourish dense, sore, and fibre cystic breast tissue and facilitate breast massage routine. It helps reclaim your relationship with your breasts and assists in adding regular breast massage to your beauty and wellness routine.  It boosts circulation and blood flow while reducing breast tenderness, removing toxins and excess stronger. It enhances elasticity in breast ligaments and helps us connect and stay in-tune with our body.

The Eostre Oil: Spring Equinox Facial Serum is a limited release product. This Oil syncs your skin with the season with its ultra calming blend of seasonal ingredients of yarrow, chamomile, immortelle, nettle and carrot seed oils to repair winter’s damage and renew and rebalance the complexion with spring’s warmer temperatures and abundant energy. Potently crafted, all you need is just a few drops of this seasonal oil applied after cleansing to support skin health.

These close to nature products support you through the landscape of womanhood and bring you back into your own natural balance – embracing and empowering your feminine energies and sensuality. Try one of these oils and experience the reconnection with yourself today!