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The Benefits of Cold Showers

26 Dec 2019
Cold Showers

The Benefits of Cold showers

We all know that there is no better hang over cure than a cold shower in the morning to wake up our bodies and mind but do you know the other benefits that a cold shower can have on your skin and body? 

Speeds up Muscle recovery

Ice baths are essential when it comes to muscle recovery rate. Turns out that the cold water does not only sooth the skin when it is hot and bothered but it also helps to prevent further inflammation in the muscles, reducing the recovery time of your muscles by half! 

Increases your alertness

A cold shower can help shock the body out of a lethargic state. This idea might seem horrifying however, you tend to breathe deeper when your body feels cold water. More oxygen in your system will allow more blood to flow through your entire body. This trick is a natural energy boost for your body and mind. Cold water is quickly gaining a reputation for helping with mental alertness and a more present and conscious state of mind. Mindfulness with all its benefits on speed. 

Tightens your skin pores

This is one of the best hidden secrets when it comes to skincare. Hot water dries out your skin which is the cause of many skin conditions we try to remedy. Cold water helps to tighten your skin pores which will prevent dirt and free radicals from entering your skin. In the long run, tight pores result in slower ageing of the skin. Cold water will lock in moisture not only on your skin but your scalp as well.  

Improves Immunity and circulation 

Wether Wim Hof or medical health experts, the conclusion is unison that a cold showers can lower your blood pressure, clear blocked arteries and improve the overall effects of your immune system, lymphatic system and even your endocrine system. When more blood is pumped through the body and to the organs, your body is able to fight off infections easier and get rid of toxins at a faster rate.

Helps relieve Depression

A cold shower has been proven to relieve symptoms of depression due to the intense impact of cold receptors in the skin. These receptors send an enormous amount of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to the brain. In other words, a cold shower can help your body produce an anti depressive effect on the body and will help to boost your overall mood.  So the next time you are having a bad day, hop into a cold shower and your mood will slowly get better and hopefully so will your day. 

Besides for these astonishing reasons, a cold shower is also better for your electricity bill which is just an added bonus in our eyes. 

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