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We're here to help you feel better about your lady parts and your intimate skin. BTW - we've been there and we get that it's not always easy to talk about lady parts, let alone make them part of a daily skincare routine. But just like faces and the rest of our VIPs (Very Important Parts) our lady parts need (skin) love too.

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Lady Suite
$23.00 CAD
Probiotic Refreshing Cleanser gently cleanses and supports the vulva’s delicate balance. Made from naturally-derived ingredients, this concentrated silky + creamy gel formula gently cleanses and...
Lady Suite
$60.00 CAD
A botanical beauty + wellness oil for intimate skin that does it all, with a luxe, light-weight texture that you and your lady parts will...
Lady Suite
$42.00 CAD
A serious glow boosting + smoothing solution with Willow Bark, Niacinimide and Lactic Acid helps combat chronic bumps, ingrown hairs and rough texture for intimate...
Lady Suite
$81.00 CAD
Bundle, save and say NO to intimate skin struggles on the daily with a regular regimen of gentle cleansing + hydrating. These are the vulva...
Lady Suite
$75.00 CAD
Say NO to intimate skin struggles on the daily with a balancing routine of gentle cleansing and hydration. These are the soothing essentials you (and...