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The Latest Innovation from NIOD: Sanskrit Saponins Cleaner

09 Jun 2016
The Latest Innovation from NIOD: Sanskrit Saponins Cleaner

NIOD's latest product is a little bit different and totally exciting. Usually, NIOD takes a very lab-inspired approach but this cleanser doesn’t! The newly launched Sanskrit Saponins facial cleaner is based on ancient Ayurvedic ingredients and targets all forms of build-up, blemishescongestion and impurities.

Many cleansers tend to be very harsh on the skin and very drying, but by using ancient remedies this cleanser deep cleanses your skin without harming your skins integrity.

What's interesting about this cleanser is that you only use it every other night or morning and there are two different ways to use it. Start by cleansing your skin with a makeup remover, Sanskrit Saponins is meant for deep skin cleansing and not makeup removal.

  • Dampen skin and massage in, then rinse it off.
  • On clean, dry skin you can mix it into a paste in your hands, then apply as a mask for 5 minutes.

Sanskrit Saponins targets all forms of blemishes, congestion and impurities. It is suitable for all skin types. The refinement of your skin and your pores looks phenomenal after using this cleanser! It makes your skin feels super clean. It may feel a little bit tight, but not stripped - don't worry, this goes away in a couple minutes. The cleanser is bubbly, really creamy, and turns into a kind of putty when mixed with water. The scent is an interesting earthy and natural scent.

Plant saponins delete dirt and clean pores intensely.

In our distant past, plant saponins were used to clean the skin well — and they did so very well. These saponins clean the surface of dead cells without peeling the skin. They remove the skin's own oils — yes, the skin's very own oils and sebum secretions that everyone is so fearful of removing. The skin is not a cover. It is a living organ. Its function is to produce protective oils. To never clean these oils discourages their natural recycling — in a way, it would discourage the skin to engage in "exercise". And removing these oils too aggressively results in excessive dryness and a compensatory overproduction of oils. 

This brand new cleanser from NIOD is available here at!


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