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ĀTHR Beauty's Crystal Infused Makeup 💎

19 May 2021
ĀTHR Beauty's Crystal Infused Makeup 💎

ĀTHR Beauty is a brand committed to offering high-quality, vegan, and sustainable makeup that harnesses the power of nature.

Crafting their botanical powered makeup from exquisite ingredients is just the beginning of what ĀTHR Beauty does – their ethos revolves around producing makeup that is good for everyone – for you, your skin, everyone involved in their processes, and even for the planet.

Founded in 2018 by Tiila Abbitt, a passionate and highly creative professional with years of experience in fashion, beauty, and sustainability, ĀTHR Beauty incorporates wonderfully conscious standards in their product formulation from using natural and organic alternatives to conventional ingredients without compromising on efficacy, botanical powered color choices in makeup in line with the latest trends, and truly sustainable packaging.

Born from the awareness of a serious gap in the beauty industry in producing makeup that is powerfully vibrant without being harmful to the consumer, their skin, and to the planet, ĀTHR Beauty is, at its core, an ethically-sustainable brand, beyond just product formulation but extending to everything it creates. With a mission to have a positive eco footprint, sustainability is a key factor in every decision at ĀTHR Beauty.

No product is launched by the brand unless it is a better sustainable alternative. ĀTHR Beauty continually dedicates itself to the preservation of Mother Earth with every purchase a customer makes. A portion of these sales go to fund environmental charities, because, in keeping with their ethos at ĀTHR Beauty; giving back and being sustainable is the only way to ensure that we leave this planet better than we found it. 

Certified Vegan & Cruelty-free, ĀTHR Beauty stands proudly with its community from farmers to workers to employees and customers. They use only fair-trade ingredients which are ethically sourced. If they can’t ethically source an ingredient, they just don’t use that ingredient. This goes back to their firm stand that all people deserve fair wages and a safe and ethical working environment. They only source from growers that can guarantee those conditions and don’t use child labor.

With ĀTHR Beauty, you are guaranteed clean makeup that is resplendent with vibrant colors while contributing to a better, cleaner, and fairer world.

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