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Try Mad Hippie for Glowing Summer Skin

14 May 2021
Try Mad Hippie for Glowing Summer Skin

Mad Hippie formulates natural solutions for the skin. Taking skin care seriously, there is a lot of thought that goes into each product and with this comes supreme confidence in their formulas so much so that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see the positive impact on your skin. Branded “a miracle worker” by Allure magazine, Mad Hippie is committed to safety and efficacy in their products.

Each and every bottle is chockfull of anti-aging actives, all formulated to complement one another and work in synergy making these products powerful, all-natural and safe allies in improving the appearance of your skin. Utilizing more than simply 12 active ingredients, Mad Hippie literally formulates the definition of a miracle in every bottle. While it offers breakthroughs in combating skin peeves like skin discolouration and wrinkles, skincare is just the beginning for Mad Hippie.

It isn’t just cosmetic beauty either. There is a focus on real beauty; the beauty of love, the beauty of health, the beauty of self confidence, the beauty of optimism, the beauty of community. From helping inspire people to make healthier choices, to raising awareness and support for social causes and the environment, Mad Hippie is committed to a brighter, better tomorrow.

If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, try the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum that it's so much more than a vitamin C serum—its antioxidant blend is designed to brighten and smooth skin, with everything from vitamin E to ferulic acid to konjac root. This serum in particular uses sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a stable form of vitamin C. Which means it’s less prone to oxidation or irritating the skin if you're worried about sensitivity to a strong Vitamin C serum.

Another Mad Hippie bestseller is the Facial SPF 30 Sunscreen. It utilizes zinc oxide, the safest and most natural physical blocking agent available. This hydrating blend offers broad-range antioxidant protection from photoaging. 

At the core of their ethos is the belief that we are stewards of this planet and must treat our home and fellow beings with love and respect. With this and an unwavering belief in a brighter, better tomorrow, Mad Hippie was born. Throwing the conventional to the wind, Mad Hippie brings the best of conscious living and standards to a reality. Whether they are considered the rebels of skincare or simply some hippies with a far out notion, they have a fast growing tribe and welcome everyone with open arms. 

Check out their products here and join the revolution today!

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