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BIG Hydration Series - 2. Fermented Lemonade

18 Aug 2019
BIG Hydration Series Fermented Lemonade Socialite Beauty

As we continue our series on hydration, we will dive straight into a healthy fizzy drink which has a powerful impact not just on our hydration levels but also on our overall health and is just as popular with the little ones as it is with the adults. This drink is none other than fermented lemonade. 

Fermented lemonade is basically just lemonade that is lacto fermented with whey, the liquid that is drained out of yoghurt. Simple and easy to make, this lemonade contains very little sugar and is packed with beneficial bacteria which can support gut health. Rich in probiotics, as well as additional B vitamins and minerals, this isn’t simply a substitute for water; it supports your entire well-being. 

BIG Hydration Series Fermented Lemonade Socialite Beauty

The balance of the gut bacteria is extremely important to various functions in our body including immunity, digestion, and skin health. Drinking fermented lemonade helps repopulate your gut with the beneficial bacteria that can support all these different functions and restore the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut.

The use of whey to ferment lemonade packs an additional nutritional punch. Whey in it of itself is extremely nutritious – a rich source of protein and rich in lactic acid but when it is used to ferment drinks, it becomes even more nutritionally beneficial and creates more diverse microbes that can powerfully support various functions in your body.

How to make Fermented Lemonade

Fermented lemonade is easy to make. You just need 4 basic ingredients – fresh lemons, water, sugar/honey, and whey. To get whey, just take some yoghurt and put it in a muslin cloth in a strainer overnight with a bowl underneath. The liquid that drips out is whey. All you need to do is put the ingredients together, mix them up and then just bottle up the lemonade on the counter and leave it for 2-3 days depending on how warm your kitchen is.

This is an extremely simple fermented drink which can be enjoyed by everyone and takes very little effort to make. To quench your thirst and ensure your gut stays healthy, make a batch of fermented lemonade today.




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