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BYBI Lipkit

29 Mar 2020

The perfect kit to care for your lips or to gift!

The Lip Kit by BYBI Beauty contains a Buffer lip scrub and Plumper lip balm, both of which are packed up in a really cute matchbox style gift set. This is a wonderful lip kit which helps give you a really great pout. 

The Buffer Lip Scrub

The Buffer Lip Scrub is a great way to make your lips less flaky and way more luscious. Generally a lip scrub isn’t a regular part of a beauty routine but once you’ve experienced dry and flaky lips which you have to scrub off with a towel or tissue, this really becomes an important part of ensuring that your lips are soft and hydrated without any flakiness. 

Buffer, a natural lip exfoliator, exfoliates dry, flakey and chapped lips by sloughing away dead skin and ensuring smooth and well conditioned lips at all times. Natural lip scrubs are a great prep for wearing lipstick as the scrub means better and longer lasting coverage. It contains brown sugar granules which wipe away the flakey bits of skin and both agave and cherry oils hydrate dry lips.

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, strawberry extract and cinnamon oil encourage improved circulation underneath the skin, which in turn enhances shape and definition. It smells lovely and if you accidentally get a bit in your mouth as your scrub, it tastes lovely too.This Buffer will become a staple part of your regime because it’s one of those products you didn’t know you needed until you had it. It gives you great soft lips that look really healthy with an added oomph factor in the strawberry and cinnamon flavour that smells REALLY great.

The Plumper Lip Balm

Once you’ve buffed your lips, its time to use the Plumper Lip Balm. This is a great balm that actually deeply moisturises your lips, rather than coating them for a few minutes and then disappearing, and helps enhance their shape at the same time. These wonderful moisturising properties come from Shea butter and carnuba wax have strong emollient properties which means they’ll coat your lips with a protective barrier, sealing in moisture. 

This Lip Balm leaves them looking seriously glossy (we know what you’re thinking; sounds too good to be true). It contains Grapeseed oil which is high in Vitamin E. It keeps lips nourished and heals any areas of severe dryness, and has a thick, silky texture that leaves lips glossy and shiny. The plumping effect comes from peppermint and capsicum essential oils which work to stimulate the blood underneath the skin, in turn creating a swelling effect that makes lips look fuller and plumper, whilst smelling minty fresh. 


BYBI Beauty Buffer lip scrub and Plumper lip balm, packed up in a really cute matchbox style gift set.

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