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FitGlow Lip Serum: Shade GO

30 Mar 2020
FitGlow Lip Serum: Shade GO

A Colored Serum for your Lips!

Do you vie for gorgeous full lips with just a hint of colour to give you a natural and yet totally kissable pout? The Lip Color Serum by FitGlow Beauty does just that. With 16 shades and more launching all the time, it has something for everyone and for every occasion. However, the Lip Color Serum goes beyond just adding colour to your lips – this amazing plant based gloss plumps up your lips without irritating them!

The Lip Color Serum improves the structure and health of your lips to diminish fine lines leaving your lips looking full and feeling soft. It has a buttery and non-sticky texture and is a wonderfully non-toxic product.   It makes your lips appear juicier because of its natural plumping effect. The organic phospholipids from bio-ferment extracts naturally plump the lips without causing the irritation that is synonymous with conventional lip plumping products. 

We absolutely love the Lip Color Serum. It does it all – adds colour, hydration, and plumps lips. It has potent botanicals that give you amazing results. The organic pomegranate sterols have the ability to hold double its weight in water giving them the power to penetrate lips and increase hydration, improve moisture barrier function, and enhance lip fullness. Another key ingredient is organic Shea butter which nourishes and moistures lips while providing a barrier against environmental stressors and preventing moisture loss.  

Suitable for vegans, the lip colour serum is formulated with vegetable collagen which is fundamental to maintaining the structure, firmness, and plumpness of lips. The organic beet extract improves circulation in lips and promote detoxification and plumpness. With all these delightful botanical ingredients, the lip colour serum can be used by itself to protect and nourish lips with a hint of colour and can also be used on top of your favorite lipstick.

An absolute favourite shade is the GO, a romantic baby pink nude which adds just a hint of colour to make your lips look naturally pink. With its hydrating and plumping ability, this is a pout that we definitely love to rock everyday.

Have you tried the Lip Serum by FitGlow? If yes, do let us know what you think in the comments below! 



Goes beyond just adding colour and hydration to lips. The plant based gloss serum gently plumps without irritation.

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