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What does diatomaceous earth do for the human body?

15 Jan 2020
Diatomaceous Earth

What is Diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is rich in silica. It is composed of diatoms which are fossilized algae chockfull of trace minerals that are essential for human health. While silica is the primary and most well-known mineral present in diatomaceous earth, it also contains magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, and chromium among others. 

What does diatomaceous earth do for the human body?

This nutritional profile translates into multiple health benefits from both internal and external use of diatomaceous earth including the ability to support the body, protect organs, boost immunity, and fight off dangerous parasites. One of the most common and popular uses for diatomaceous earth is for boosting and maintaining the health of hair and nails. 

Silica can strengthen your hair and nails and protect them from damage. It also protects the scalp against fungal infections. It is also known to boost the shine and thickness of hair. The composition of diatomaceous earth makes it useful in cleansing the intestinal and digestive tracts. It soaks up and expels heavy metals, toxins, worms, and parasites from the body reducing the accumulation of waste and improving gut health. 

This improved digestive system and healthier gut can now absorb nutrients more efficiently improving the overall health of your body. Silica, along with the other trace minerals, work to ensure improved nutrition absorption and also balance hormones. The content of silica and selenium can help boost thyroid hormone metabolism. They also maintain the balance of magnesium and calcium which is essential for maintaining healthy hormones. 

 It also helps in promoting stronger teeth, bones, and joints. It is beneficial to maintain healthy bone mass and connective tissue. Along with boosting skeletal strength and function, it also supports normal and healthy metabolic processes. The magnesium and manganese help control diabetes and also prevent infections in the urinary system including preventing the formation of kidney stones and healing UTIs. 

Internal consumption of diatomaceous earth also supports skin and hair health by boosting elasticity, collagen production, and reducing signs of aging and other kinds of damage. Used topically, it makes for a great exfoliant and facial scrub. These wide ranging benefits and potent properties are increasingly making diatomaceous earth a superfood as well as a popular ingredient in skin care products.  

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