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The Benefits of Bee Propolis in the 100% PURE Lysine Herb Lip Balm

16 Jan 2020
Bee Propolis

What are the benefits of Bee Propolis?

We all know that bees make honey, a key ingredient in many beauty care products. A lesser known product that comes from bees is Propolis, a resin like substance that is also known as bee glue. It is used on a continual basis by bees to repair their homes. Propolis is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and an antioxidant. These properties make it a powerful tool for beauty care needs. 

Propolis works wonderfully for sensitive skin. It can gently combat acne and breakouts while also reducing skin inflammations and redness without any harsh chemicals. Its antiseptic properties can clear the skin of bacteria that thrive in the pores of the skin and cause skin issues. It also deeply cleanses pores of excess sebum which attracts toxins and impurities and hence reduces chances of acne and breakouts. It reduces hyperpigmentation and heals scar tissue resulting in smoother and more even skin tone and texture.  

Propolis is rich in flavonoids, the same antioxidant that is present in coffee. It can powerfully fight free radicals from sun exposure and environmental pollutants that can cause cellular damage in your skin and hair. It is also a strong moisturizer and has emollient properties that not only hydrate skin but also lock moisture in to ensure continued hydration. Propolis also boosts collagen production in the skin resulting in increased skin elasticity. This helps skin retain its resilience and stay youthful.

The properties of propolis are even more pronounced when it comes to hair care. It is highly nourishing and hence works as a potent conditioner for hair. Its hydrating properties along with its rich nutritional value make it an ideal ingredient to achieve soft and smooth hair. The antioxidants work to repair damaged hair and restore it to a full luster. In addition to this, propolis has also been found to reverse hair loss by encouraging the growth of cells that contribute to hair growth. 



Additional herbs in 100% Pure Lysine + Herbs Lip Balm Cold Sore Treatment help to alleviate cold sore symptoms, such as burning, itching, and irritation, while coconut oil provides deep hydration. It’s a soothing, holistic remedy in a tube! Please note: You may notice small black specks in the lip balm. This is completely normal. This ingredient is propolis, a natural antibiotic and antifungal substance collected from trees that brings relief to various ailments including inflammations, viral diseases, ulcers, and cold sores.

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