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Top 3 Clean Beauty Dry Shampoos

13 May 2020
Innersense Dry Shampoo

What is Dry Shampoo and how does it work?

There are days when you don’t have time to wash your hair but it is greasy and limp, desperately needing a wash. Thankfully for days like this, we have dry shampoos that come to our rescue. Dry shampoos are a very simple concept – they are formulated with ingredients that soak up the excess oil and grease in your hair to give it a cleaner and fresher appearance. 

There are a lot of harmful ingredients in conventional dry shampoos that not only cause damage to your hair and scalp in the long run but are also harmful to the environment. These are ingredients like talc, liquified petroleum gases (which are common ingredients in aerosol sprays), silicones, and cetrimonium chloride. That is not an acceptable trade off for us but thankfully we have a bunch of natural dry shampoos that are formulated with wonderful ingredients which are both natural and sustainable. 

Which Dry Shampoo is best?

We'll start off with the Mermaid Dry Shampoo by Captain Blankenship. A talc free formulation, it is the perfect solution to lifeless, unwashed hair. It absorbs oil, adds volume and gives life to your hair while smelling amazing! It harnesses the power of natural powders like organic arrowroot powder and aluminium free baking soda to mattify hair and add freshness.

The Refresh Dry Shampoo by Innersense is another amazing and potent product that eliminates excess oil, builds body, creates texture, and renews second day hair. It is a foam to powder dry shampoo which works through the properties of ingredients like witch hazel and tapioca starch to reduce excess oil in conjunction with bitter orange oil, a wonderfully heady fragrance that relaxes while treating dry and sensitive scalps.

The Takesumi Detox® Overnight Dry Shampoo by Kaia Naturals refreshes your hair and boosts volume in addition to preventing damage and prolonging hair colour. Powered by detoxifying charcoal, it works best when applied overnight to absorb oil, odour, and sweat for long lasting results. It is available in a blonde and brunette tint to blend into your hair so you wake up to hair that looks, feels and smells clean. 

And lastly, She’s like the Wind by Voir Haircare is an oil-absorbing formula is enriched with nourishing botanicals that soften your strands and withdraw impurities, while the aerosol-free pump releases poufs of the finely milled powder to blend beautifully with all hair colours and textures, leaving no white residue behind. A saviour when you’re short on time, it instantly boosts volume, mattifies roots, and leaves hair feeling fresh and lifted between washes.

While dry shampoos are extremely convenient and fit right into our fast paced lifestyles, they should be used as a regular replacement to actually washing your hair with a natural shampoo. Without regular washing, your scalp will get clogged with buildup and this will cause damage to your hair follicles. So keep a dry shampoo handy for when you really need it but take care of your scalp with regular washing as well.  



This foam to powder dry shampoo eliminates excess oil, builds body, creates texture and renews second day hair. 


Refreshing your hair and boosting your volume, this innovative dry shampoo prevents damage from washing and prolongs coloured hair. 


  • Wildberry Complex: A nourishing mix of pepperberry, riberry, and muntari berry delivers moisture to your hair and scalp.
  • Green Tea Extract: This natural conditioning agent softens each strand for smooth and silky texture.
  • Kakadu Plum Extract: A vitamin C-rich superfruit that hydrates tired tresses and boosts shine.

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