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What’s an Organic Hairbath?

11 Jun 2021
What’s an Organic Hairbath?

4 Luxurious Organic Shampoo's From Innersense Organic Beauty!

Innersense is a wonderful brand for all your hair care needs. Their combinations and blends of natural botanicals and essential oils gives their products wonderful properties to help you achieve soft and wonderfully luscious locks no matter what your hair concerns are.

Let’s take a look at the shampoos, or as Innersense likes to call them – Hairbaths, that are available for you to choose from.

The Pure Harmony Hairbath provides a gentle cleanse aimed at increasing hydration and moisture in fine to medium hair types. It is expertly crafted with extracts of aloe, pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oil to purify and cleanse your hair and scalp. Infused with the delightful fragrance of orange flower, it uplifts your senses for a therapeutic experience. With an increase in blood circulation and the antioxidant protection provided by Green tea, this Hairbath can give you the hair of your dreams.

The Hydrating Cream Hairbath is a heavy duty yet luxurious hydrating shampoo that strengthens hair from the inside out. It’s formulation with potently hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter which are rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients makes it a must have for anyone with dry, thick, and thirsty hair. It contains essential oils of sage and tamanu help balance oil for a healthy scalp while nourishing emollients soften and smooth the cuticle. Deeply hydrating yet lightweight, this silicone-free formula leaves hair bouncy, without residue.

The Color Awakening Hairbath is the perfect product to provide a gentle cleansing rinse to revitalize color. If your hair is medium textured, coloured or treated and on the drier side, you can count on this shampoo to enhance and protect color, delivering naturally clean, healthy and vibrant hair, without residue, dryness or fading. It contains hydrating and emollient gentle plant ingredients like coconut, rice bran, pumpkin seed oil, and rooibos tea to provide all round nourishment, cleansing, rejuvenating, and antioxidant properties.

In addition to these, Innersense has a dry shampoo for when you just don’t have time to wash your hair even though it might be feeling a little greasy and limp. The Refresh Dry Shampoo is a foam to powder dry shampoo that eliminates excess oil, builds body, creates texture and renews second day hair. It combines the sebum absorbing powers of Tapioca starch and witch hazel to condition scalp while powerfully reducing the appearance and greasy feel of day old hair. The Certified Organic honey adds body and imparts shine while the bitter orange imparts a heady and rich scent that powerfully boosts joy fullness and relaxation.

Be sure to check out these luxurious shampoos by Innersense to gently but powerfully cleanse your hair today >

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