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NIOD Non-Acid Precursor: Pro Resurfacing From The Comfort of Your Home

10 Apr 2020
NIOD Non-Acid Precursor: Pro Resurfacing From The Comfort of Your Home

When you are looking to improve the tone and texture of your skin, you might be interested in epidermal resurfacing, a professional procedure that safely exfoliates skin.

This treatment removes cellular buildup and fine facial hair while stimulating collagen, increasing elasticity, minimizing precancerous cells, while reducing fine lines, blackheads and enlarged pores. Since it can only be performed by nurses and aestheticians, you have to take the time out of your schedule to get it done. 

If this isn’t possible for you on a regular basis, we have an at home solution just for you – the Non-Acid Precursor by Niod, a non-acidic alternative to epidermal resurfacing. It works with the fermented bio-derivatives and amino isolates that act as precursors to skin-compatible acids. The Non-Acid Precursor steers clears of using direct acids like AHA/BHA or retinoids. It encourages visible radiance and visible surface regularity without the redness and inflammation associated with acids and from the comfort of your own home. 

It harnesses various technologies to help achieve the resurfacing of your facial skin. It uses a suspension of probiotic bacteria purified through lysis which acts as a precursor of skin-compatible natural acids. These probiotics are healthy and essential to maintain the resilience of your skin. Two forms of amino isolates mimic the surface-regularizing action of retinoids without any presence of retinoids or related acids. 

A bio-ferment oligopeptide offers better exfoliation than alpha hydroxyl acids without irritation or inflammation while a highly-purified natural levomenol offers surface barrier support, hydration and comfort, and a marine-derived exopolysaccharide increases the skin's water-retention capacity—essential with enhanced skin turnover.

It visibly improves the look and feel of your skin, making it evenly and beautifully textured, softer and smoother. It removes dead skin cells and harmful bacteria making your skin less prone to breakouts and acne while improving the penetration and performance of skincare products. It brightens your skin and makes you glow. In a nutshell, all the benefits of a professional resurfacing right from the comfort of your own home ☺. 

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