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Did You Know: Sunflower Seed Oil Is A Great Makeup Remover

10 Feb 2020
Did You Know: Sunflower Seed Oil Is A Great Makeup Remover

Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil is a very popular ingredient in a wide range of clean and natural cosmetics today. Its nutritional profile and its very many beneficial properties make it a perfect addition to your skin and hair care routines and products. Let’s take a closer look at what sunflower seed oil brings to the table for the overall health of your skin and hair. 

What is Sunflower Seed Oil good for?

Sunflower Oil has emollient properties which enable it to form a protective barrier on the surface and lock moisture into your skin and hair. This prevents your skin and hair from drying out and makes it more resilient in the face of environmental stressors. This is also possible due to the vitamin E content in sunflower oil, which protects hair and skin from free radical damage and UV radiation. 

Sunflower oil has a high content of beta-carotene which is a fat-soluble compound that can be converted into Vitamin A. This helps reduce sun sensitivity and hence can protect both skin and hair from sun damage. It also reduces excess sebum production and exfoliates the skin of dead and dull skin cells. The enhanced blood circulation from this also improves skin complexion and results in a brighter skin tone.  

The combination of other vitamins like vitamin A, C, and D, also enable sunflower oil to not only restore elasticity and boost collagen product, but also reduce acne and breakouts. While eradicating the bacteria that cause acne and breakouts, these vitamins in sunflower oil help regenerate skin cells and help overcome scarring, blemishes, and dullness that is caused by skin inflammations. Its content of essential fatty acids also helps soothe inflammation and redness in the skin. 

Sunflower oil is also rich in gamma alpha-linolenic acid which makes it extremely useful in dealing with hair loss and baldness. It works to prevent hair loss, thinning, and also stimulates hair growth. It deeply nourishes hair and restores its resilience and shine. Being a light and non-greasy oil, it also helps control dryness and frizz without weighing hair down. 



    A Makeup Cleansing Oil that helps breakdown and remove excess sebum and oil-based impurities.

    • Camellia Oil - The Skins BFF This pretty flower oil has almost the identical molecular weight to the oil in your skin. This allows it to not only work on the surface but work in deeper layers of the skin helping to nourish while moving impurities to the surface. Organic Camellia oil has more naturally-occurring antioxidants than almost any other botanically derived oil.
    • Watermelon Seed Oil - The Deep Cleanser Rich in Omega and Linoleic Acids that help in the removal of excess sebum and deeply cleanses the skin. Beneficial to all skin types, even blemish prone.
    • Cherry Blossom - The Redness Reducer Rich in anti-inflammatory compounds it inhibits oxidative damage and calms skin. Helps reduce post cleanse redness and promotes skin softness.


    Remarkable Cleansing Oil melts gently into the skin to effectively get rid of any make-up or traces of pollution

    • Organic Ingredients
    • Rosehip oil: Stimulates skin tissue regeneration while improving tissues’ ability to produce collagen and elastin.
    • Prickly pear extract: This antiradical protects skin from premature ageing.
    • Vitamin E: This powerful antioxidant strengthens the hydrolipidic film and improves the skin's ability to retain water.


    An incredibly gentle yet effective cleanser which will leave the skin feeling perfectly cleansed, refreshed, soft & moisturized

    • Sweet Almond Oil: Softens, strengthens, and soothes. 
    • Grape Seed Oil: Repairs and nourishes with antioxidants.
    • Lineolic Acid (Omega 6): Improves the control of skin hydration. 
    • Sunflower Oil: Dissolves makeup easily.
    • Castor Oil: Aids in lash growth. 

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