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Liver Health and our Skin

28 Aug 2019
Liver Health and Skin Health

Most of us have experienced the frustration of acne and breakouts or any number of skin issues. We may have frustratingly tried every natural beauty product and DIY method to clear our skin. While it may or may not have provided temporary relief, there could well likely be a hidden reason our skin acts up the way it does. Our internal health is closely tied to the health of what is apparent, most notably our skin.

Today, we’ll discuss the relationship between liver health and the state of your skin. The liver’s main function is to detox and support digestion in the body. A healthy liver is able to rid the body of the plethora of toxins that we consume or come in contact with as well as ensuring the most efficient absorption of nutrients that we consume. It makes perfect sense that when the liver is functioning well, our entire system would be clear of toxins and our bodies nutritionally sound – which will automatically show up in the health of our skin.


Liver Health and Skin Health

Unfortunately, with the lifestyles that we lead, the food that we consume, and the increasing toxicity in our personal care products and environment in general, our livers are exposed to more than can be managed and this impacts their functioning leading to an accumulation of toxins in our body and malnourishment due to the inability to properly absorb nutrients from food. All these factors can severely impact the health of our skin – from acne, breakouts, to signs of premature aging like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, to dullness and even rashes and eczema.

If you are worried about sluggish liver function that is showing up in the state of your skin, fret not, there are ways to support your liver function and improve your skin while you’re at it. Ideally you want to watch your diet and ensure consumption of foods that will help your liver detoxify. This means increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet – particularly cruciferous vegetables, fibrous vegetables, as well as antioxidant rich foods and supplements to support liver function. Removing inflammatory and processed foods from your diet also provides the liver additional support.

In addition to this, removing as much as possible harmful toxins in personal care products and our environment as well as increasing water consumption and also opportunities for your body to sweat out toxins can powerfully impact the health of our liver and you’ll know this when you see your skin improving.

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