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Why Skin Loves Grass Fed Tallow

01 Nov 2019
Tallow and Skin Health

Why Tallow is Great For Skin

Today, let’s talk about an unconventional animal product for skin care, one that might make your nose turn up while you say ‘EW’, but please bear with us. We are talking about the topical use of an animal fat known as tallow. What exactly is tallow? Tallow is basically rendered beef or mutton fat that is primarily made of fatty acid glycerides. 

So how is an animal fat good for topical use on your skin? Tallow is an extremely nutrient dense food that has been a part of traditional cultures and diets for thousands of years. These nutrients work wonderfully on your skin to nourish it deeply and heal it from a host of issues and inflammations. Its high content of triglycerides give it the perfect composition to work on human skin. 

The nutrients in Tallow

Our cell membranes are composed of 50% saturated fats and the other half of the structure comes from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The saturated fats are what give our cell membranes the integrity necessary for their proper functioning. When you look at the saturated fat ratio of tallow, it is up to 55% saturated fat which makes it close to the composition of our skin and therefore uniquely compatible with our skin. 

Using tallow is deeply moisturizing for our skin since tallow also contains omega 3 fatty acids which additionally support cell membrane structure and enable skin to retain moisture. The lipids maintain skin hydration by sealing moisture into the surface of the skin and preventing fluid loss. The presence of anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid makes it an excellent demulcent and gives it detoxifying properties.  

Tallow also has a high content of naturally occurring fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, K, and E. Being fat soluble, these vitamins are readily available for cellular uptake and work actively to promote cell regeneration. The fatty acid complex also makes tallow antimicrobial and antifungal which, along with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps it clear the skin of pesky conditions like acne, breakouts, eczema, and rashes. 

Being identical to our skin, tallow is very easily absorbed despite being heavier than other plant based oils. It is non-greasy and is a safe, natural, and intensely nutritious food for our skin. With the ability to restore the elasticity and suppleness of skin, this is an unconventional skincare product that could become your skin’s best friend. 

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