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Indie Lee Body Oils : Deeply Hydrate Your Skin

19 Apr 2020
Indie Lee Body Oils : Deeply Hydrate Your Skin

Body oils are amazing moisturizers. They soften and nourish skin while being easily absorbed into skin since they closely resemble the natural oils in our own skin. We have a lovely range of body oils from Indie Lee, a leaping bunny certified cruelty free brand. 

The Energize Body Oil is a must have if you are looking to awaken and revitalise your mind and body in the mornings. It contains an uplifting blend of grapefruit, bergamot and orange essential oils. The infusion of stimulating eucalyptus and the nourishing blend of jojoba, grape seed and marula oils gives you wonderfully luscious skin while the inclusion of antioxidant-rich rosemary provides protection against environmental stressors.

This Oil locks-in moisture for long-lasting soft, soothed and supple skin. Jam-packed with stimulating and invigorating essential oils, this deliciously-scented oil is perfect for tired bodies and foggy minds. It provides clarity by sharpening and focusing your mind for the day ahead. The nourishing blend of glorious botanical oils deeply nourishes skin, reinforces your moisture barrier and will leave skin with a healthy glisten too.

The De-Stress Body Oil is the perfect oil to calm your mind and senses. It helps ground you to the present moment with its blend of magnificent botanicals while deeply nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. It helps hydrate and tone skin with its luxurious and nourishing blend of Jojoba, Grape Seed and Marula Oils. It reinforces your moisture barrier and provides antioxidant protection with rosemary leaf oil. 

This Oil has calming and soothing properties with the essential oils of Patchouli and Lavender which help relax your mind and body and instill a sense of calm. The blend of Rosemary and Eucalyptus contribute towards boosting spirits and promoting clarity of thought while providing a cooling sensation to skin. Vitamin-rich, this nurturing and regenerative oil is a must have for anyone who needs to de-stress their mind, body, and skin. 

The Sleep Body Oil boasts a calming combination of lavender, Moroccan chamomile and lavandin essential oils to coax you into a restful state of mind – a necessity for overworked, fretful minds and bodies. If you are looking for something to help ease you into a deep and restful sleep, this is the perfect oil for you. Formulated with soothing patchouli, grounding vetiver and a nourishing blend of jojoba, grape seed and coconut oils, this luscious oil renews and replenishes tired, overlooked skin.

It helps deeply nourish and protect your skin while calming skin and soothing and relaxing the mind and body. This vitamin-rich, conditioning formula alleviates dryness and is ideal after sun exposure since it locks-in much-needed moisture for long-lasting soft, soothed and supple skin that won’t be able to stop yourself from touching and stroking.


Give your skin an extra dose of hydration love with these luxurious body oils today! 

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