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Indie Lee Body Wash

20 Apr 2020
Indie Lee Body Wash

We all love a good body wash. Whether they are full of energising ingredients, calming and soothing ingredients, or just something that has a luxurious fragrance, these lovely products can really change the look and feel of your skin.

Let’s take a look at the marvellous body washes from Indie Lee, a leaping bunny certified cruelty free brand. 

The Energize Body Wash is a part of the Uplift + Invigorate range by Indie Lee. It helps you prep for the day with its uplifting citrus-based notes of grapefruit, bergamot and orange essential oils. This is a beautifully gentle coconut-based cleanser which deeply hydrates, softens and soothes skin while providing protection against environmental stressors too.

Along with its wonderfully reinvigorating fragrance, this gentle cleanser is also laced with calendula, panthenol and hydrolyzed quinoa, which are rich in protein and vitamins A and B to keep skin soft, soothed and supple while promoting clarity - a must-have for early mornings and foggy minds. The infusion of antioxidant-rich rosemary also provides protection against environmental stressors. 

The De-Stress Body Wash is the perfect body wash to help you unwind after a long day. Like the Energize Body Wash, this too is a gentle coconut based cleanser. It is formulated additionally with Calendula, Panthenol and hydrolyzed Quinoa, which are rich in protein and Vitamins A and B. It has wonderful therapeutic properties with its blend of powerful essential oils which can ease stress and calm your mind. 

It contains patchouli essential oil which is potently soothing. It also harnesses the relaxing and de-stressing properties of Lavender essential oil. These both work together to help instill a sense of calm Soothing Patchouli and relaxing Lavender essential oils help to instill a sense of calm, while antioxidant Rosemary and cooling Eucalyptus boost spirits and promote clarity of thought.

The Sleep Body Wash is literally the perfect way to end your day. It helps you ease into winding down and switching off with its glorious sleep-inducing botanicals. It contains an aromatic blend of Calming Lavandin, Lavender and Moroccan Chamomile essential oils help soothe the skin together with Calendula, Patchouli and grounding Vetiver.

This nurturing wash is formulated with Panthenol and hydrolyzed Quinoa making it rich in protein and Vitamins A and B. Along with its serious therapeutic properties, this coconut-derived cleanser is chockfull of ingredients that keep your skin soft, soothed and supple while promoting calm – a necessity for over-worked, restless minds…and the best way to drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep. 

Whatever your priorities or struggle areas are, these beautiful body washes can give you the support you need while you rock your world. 

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